4- What's flipping in WikiFlip ?

How WikiFlip works

In home you see a lot of images from Wikipedia. Each image is related to a question from WOK. The Flip is hidden behind the image.
If you want to take the question: You just have to flip. Flip happen when click on the image itself or click on the flip symbol. You just flip the pictures that you find intresting to flip. One at the time.

WF landing screenWF landing screen

In each cell in Home you will find 
a- A name and a small image : The creator of the question. Always a WOKer, a member in WOK, just like you. 
b- WF landing screen : This is the Main Category of the question.  Among 22. 
c- The Main Queations image : The image from Wikipedia or to be precise Wikimedia Commons assigned to the question.
d- WF landing screen : Flip Symbol (Click to flip)
e- WF landing screen : Number of WOKers who took this question.
f- WF landing screen : The percentage of the correct answers of WOKers who took this question. To give you a hint if its hard or easy. 

When the image is flipped you take the question during 30 seconds. The quicker you reply correct, the more WOKbits you get. 

You have 30 sec to answer the question, The faster you answer the higher score you get.
The maximum score you can get when flip is 200 WOKbits. 

After you finish answering the question, it'll disappear from home and that's the default.


Download Wikiflip in Google Play and AppStore

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

Google Play

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