WikiFlip 1.04 let you Flip from a collection of Wikipedia articles

WikiFlip 1.04 is out in Google Play and this version enhance the link with WikiMaster to Flip within an range of Wikipedia articles. 

In WikiMaster app you can mark your favorite articles by a star if you like to read more later. For study purpose or because lack of time at the moment.

Now you can mark Favourites in WikiMaster and have the questions attached to these articles flipped in WikiFlip. 
For instance: You study renaissance and mark the Wikipedia articles Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Renaissance, Michelangelo as Favourites. 

Then you go to WikiFlip and clic on Home button twice (Toogle two times) and you will have a random flip from these articles only to scroll from. A great way to learn more about a subject. Flip to learn! Anything. And everything. 

This is an alternative to Search from Wikipedia in the Footer menu where you can flip from one wikipedia article. With this function you can be broader than a Search in one wiki from the Footer menu and more granular than just select a Main Category in Settings. This smart function make WikiFlip your Study Companion. 

In the Headline of Home you will see what filter you will flip from so its clear when you toogle in Home. 

Other improvements done is Onboard Instructions for new WOKers and better toogle in all Home buttons. 
And did we mention the WOK community added 6000 images on the WOK database of questions since last upgrade so you can now flip over 86000 questions?
Well, thats what we do: Enhance the learning by adding fun. 
Enjoy the Flips.  And great many thanks for the overwhelming 4.6 in reviews! 

20170307 125634
/Team WikiFlip

PPS. Small print of the fixes in this version from the Production team: 
v1.04.a3 When T2 from Favorites: We shall have Top Bar WikiFlip: Flip Favorites
v1.04.a3 WF5 text : Favorites in WikiMaster - > Flip WikiMaster Favorites
v1.04.a3 Fixed onboarding screen design for xhdpi small devices.
v1.04.a2 fixed F1/T2 issue, implemented Onboarding screen, help after 1st login 
v1.04.a1 Implemented settings toggle random from WM favourites, toggle WF2,WF3

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

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