WikiFlip 1.10 is quicker and more fun

WikiFlip new version of 1.10 makes the flips even faster. We have finetuned the loading process and rewritten parts of the code in order for WikiFlip to be even more fun. More of the same. But faster. We also added more information of the images used with the Wikimedia Common license. Hold 3 seconds on a pic in Home and all the information is even more accessible than before.

From the Production Notes:
v1.10.a1 Fixed camera runtime permission callback handler.
v1.10.a2 implemented Google login, fixed GP crashes.
v1.10.a2 implemented Google login, fixed GP crashes. 
v1.10.a2 implemented Google login, fixed GP crashes.
v1.10.a3 implemented Google login btn design 
v1.10.a3 Enhanced google login design and fixed store google id locally and handled request token with google id.
v1.10.a4 login screen enhanced for small devices.
v1.10.a4 Enhanced login screen for small devices. 
v1.10.a5 Alert manager enahnced add write reason optional.
1.10.a5 Handled Google login issues, Deeplink enhanced.
v1.10.a6 Fixed update WOK token authentication bug on connection layer. 
v1.10.a6 Handled if credentials changed from another device, log WOKer out and redirect to login screen.

WF ad20 en WF1 iphone with long text 170226d

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
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