WOKcraft project WikiFlip have reached end of Beta stage

WOK is the Knowledge Network that currently is creating the social platform for learning.

The first app WOKwiki launched in 2016 have gained momentum with users north of 100000 joining the WOK community. Now World of Knowledge is working to create a new app WikiFlip that will be "an Instagram for the Brain".

The goal is to launch the app in Q1, 2017 with over 58000 Wikipedia related images ready to scroll and flip. WikiFlip promise to be easy, light and yet the "best tool for Homework ever built" with the possibility to search all Wikipedia and Flip questions.

Download Wikiflip in Google Play and AppStore

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

Google Play

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